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Advantages of EMS WIEMSPRO training

What could the EMS WIEMSPRO do for you?

During conventional training, an average person can engage up to 30-40% of their muscle
fibres and athletes up to 70%.
During EMS training it is possible to increase muscle fibre engagement to above 95%! In this
way you train the deep muscles as well, which consequently leads to higher efficiency of the
training session results. The EMS training evenly activates all 656 muscles in the human
body. The result of this is an effective and intensive whole-body workout.
To achieve similar results from conventional exercising, would require 5-6 hours of training
sessions per week. Due to the different processes that are activated in the body (hormone
activation and/or enzymes), the body needs a longer period of time to recuperate. After
intensive EMS training sessions, it takes 3-5 days.
That is why it is recommended to have no more than two sessions per week that last 20-35
minutes each. This doesn’t mean that the EMS suit (that you wear during training) will train
instead of you, but it triples the efficiency of the training session.
WIEMSPRO electrostimulation system is fully wireless and it allows full freedom of
movements and ability to be used at every location.

Is the training session with electrical current safe?

Training with the impulses in a low frequency scope below 100Hz, it only causes muscle
contractions and stimulation, so the workout is suitable for all ages. There are certain
contraindications where this kind of training wouldn’t be suitable, but this is determined
before the demo workout session.

Is it a danger to the heart?

WIEMSPRO uses impulse frequency of up to a 100 Hz and that effects only the muscles. It
would take frequencies of around 10.000Hz (100X higher) for heart muscle to become
stimulated in this way.

What is the ratio between EMS training and conventional workout session with

The overall time which the muscle is under tension, during the EMS training session
corresponds to a 5 hours workout session in a conventional fitness studio, according to
scientific researches.

The advantages of EMS training:

1. Muscle strength increasement
2. Explosivity increasement
3. Strength endurance
4. Coordination development
5. Development and strengthening of the upper body stabilizer muscles
6. Increasement of endurance
7. Muscle growth and increasement
8. Correction of muscle balance
9. Efficiency increase
10. It corrects body posture
11. Helps with back and hip pain


Martial arts are amongst the most physically and psychologically challenging sports in the world. With the strength and endurance that is needed for the fight, these kinds of sports are, actually, the ideal connection between strength training and what majority of recreational participants would call the cardio training. Of course, like with any sport, the main prerequisite for development of the fitness component would be knowledge of correct techniques and good coordination.

In order to activate the right muscle groups in an efficient way, the techniques need to be performed in the correct manner. For this reason, at Fit Net the beginners learn the basics of boxing and kick boxing for the first month, then they apply these techniques they have learnt, in different situations, e.g. punch bags or sparring mits. Later, if the client wishes, we can do sparing training as well.

Once the client has learnt the basic techniques, then the real FightFit training begins. The workout session is divided into three minutes rounds with a one-minute recovery between the rounds. One client does a round with the coach using the sparring mits and the other client exercises on the punch bag or wall focuser, and then they swap. If the coach assesses and decides that clients are ready, or if it is their wish to incorporate sparing into the training, the coach will give them instructions and will organize a sparing session according to strict rules, in order to minimize the possibility of injury.

Advantages of this kind of training:

1. Adoption of correct martial arts techniques, applicable in a real fight
2. Increase of cardio-respiratory endurance
3. Increase of absolute body strength
4. Motoric and coordination development
5. Explosive peed development
6. Brain functions increase
7. Concentration improvement
8. Symmetrical development of the left and right side of the body (left and right brain

Train like a real fighter and feel the benefits of martial arts training!


Over the last five years, Cross Fit has rapidly increased in popularity. Cross Fit is just a commercial name for the functional strength training. Cross Fit competitions are strictly regulated, but that doesn’t mean that any other form of functional strength training that
contains similar or different exercises, is something else. Our Cross Fit programme is functional strength training were the client activates all the muscles of the body, with a special focus on the large muscle groups. We perform the exercises in supersets, which means that the client develops the strength as well as cardio-respiratory endurance. This way, the client can not only burn more calories than with usual gym training, but he or she can also develop much better intermuscular coordination which is necessary for the correct performance of complex movements. All of this contributes to the faster burning of fat, as well as strengthening of the immune system and an increase in overall mobility of the whole body. Of course, like in other sports, the knowledge of the correct technique in the movements performance is of utmost importance in order to acquire the desired results and to lower the risk of injuries. For the maximum effect of the training and in order to activate all the muscle groups, the coach needs to teach beginners how to do the movements in the correct manner, before he/she increases the intensity of the workout sessions. The biggest problem for beginners in CrossFit is the very high intensity level of the workouts and insufficient knowledge of the movement technique, so the risk of injuries is very high and probable. That is why our first priority is to teach the beginners how to do the movements correctly and then to increase
the intensity of the workouts.

The regular workout session at the gym is useful to increase strength and building up muscle definition. CrossFit training gives all of this and more. When you do the exercises with body resistance, as well as the use of weights, in supersets with a large number of repetitions,
you not only develop muscle tone and strength, but also the functionality of the whole body. A person who trains Cross Fit on a regular basis is capable to dealing more efficiently with everyday modern life challenges and also physical work. Be functional and train differently. The advantages of this kind of training are:

1. Increase in strength and endurance

2. Improved:
– development of intermuscular coordination
– motoric skills
– joint mobility
– cardio – respiratory endurance and immune system
– faster fat burning

Our offer

Online consultation with the coach via Skype, Whats app or Viber

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Nutrition plan based on blood type (Diet programe)

Blood type diet is considered to be one of the most effective ways to battle: disease, hereditary health issues, obesity, diabetes and much more. If you want to eat exactly what your body needs than try our blood type nutrition plan for one month and see the results right away.

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 Programe for gaining muscle mass (Training and Diet programe)

If you want to get bigger and build stronger muscles than ever before this is the programe for you! It consists of 4 different trainings for each muscle group. All the exercises are anaerobic, done in the gym with weights. With this trainig programe you will receive a high protein low carb diet programe, that will give you enough nutrions for your muscles to start growing. We are available for every question or advice for 30 days from the moment you pay our services.

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Programe for loosing weight (Training and Diet programe)

If you desperately want to loose weight and you already tried everything without success, this is the programe for you! It consists of 4 different trainings, that combine high intensity functional training with basic strenght exercises done with free weights. With the training programe you will receive a nutrition plan that will help you loose all these extra kilograms without loosing your muscle mass. We are available for every question or advice for 30 days from the moment you pay our services.

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My name is Dragan Bajkanovic, I am a fitness instructor, martial arts coach and a nutritionist. I established Fit Net sports society in 2013. in Belgrade, with a mission to help other people reach their health and fitness goals.

I have gained experience in these fields for the last ten years, working with professional fighters here in Serbia, as well as from abroad. Working with clients of different ages, gender, race, genetic predisposition and psycho-physical abilities, I have learnt that with an individual approach whilst applying scientifically proven methods and constant education is the only real way to achieve excellent results.

Fit Net is the only club in Serbia specialized in online coaching. My team of trainers and I work daily on adjusting the training programmes as well as nutrition regimes for our clients so they can achieve the best results in the fastest, most efficient way. Our mission Is to help you change yourself, so that regular physical activity, healthy diet and active rest become your way of life.

Payment can be made by payment card at the site, cash payment at any post office or bank or foreign currency transfer from abroad.